The Groupe Green Advantage

Groupe Green is led by Jonathan and Melanie, who partner on each file to provide every client with two unique perspectives. Our intergenerational advisory approach combines experience with a modern viewpoint allowing us to address even the most difficult situations. We are committed to realizing our clients wishes and creating solutions that have meaning, purpose, and significance to ensure a lasting impact and financial cohesiveness across generations. We are proudly supported by a team of leading industry experts in the fields of taxation, private banking, and medical underwriting. Our professionals take an independent approach to every file and are not sponsored by any life insurance, bank, or investment firm. As we take our place among our client’s circle of advisors, clients take comfort knowing they can share their hopes and dreams with their only professionals not “on the clock”.


We offer a fresh and modern approach, finding dynamic solutions backed by education and continuous new learning opportunities. We monitor and embrace change in the industry, enrolling in the latest professional programs and assisting other professionals in our community.

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With years of industry experience, our team has the knowledge, resources, and skills to deliver a thorough solutions-based, personalized approach to every client. All clients receive the benefit of expert advice from both Jonathan and Melanie, who have the passion and experience to tackle the most complex challenges.

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Our creativity stems from skillful resources, a team approach and most importantly, critical thinking. These are qualities inherent in the advice given by our professionals to each and every client, allowing us to deliver unique solutions that carry significance and value.

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With Jonathan and Melanie’s multi-generational approach, we form a partnership with you based on trust and commitment. We listen to your unique situation, giving you a platform to define your goals and objectives. Together, we brainstorm with you and your professionals to arrive at the best possible solutions. Open communication is the key.

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